Surfin The Gospel

Our puppet based VBS strives to lighten the burden that is often associated with a VBS.  VBS should be a time of fun, games, and Biblical instruction.  However, too many simply become a babysitting service.  Youth and Sunday school leaders seem to dread the thought of VBS. Operation Hope adds the element of puppets which captures the attention of the young people attending and promotes growth from day to day during the VBS.  The ultimate goal of VBS is to increase the attendance in Sunday School and Youth activities.  We utilize Sunday School teachers, helpers and youth leaders in a variety of different functions.  The children who return to your Sunday Schools will see the same faces they seen during the VBS.  Your  church staff will be plugged in as craft teachers, recreation directors, and food preparation helpers.  Donít forget your teens and even pre-teens.  Itís never to early to have them begin mentoring and helping with VBS.  We feel our VBS
ministers to the teen age groups, but if a teen is reluctant to participate in the VBS, plug them in as a helper and watch them shine.  We can work with limited staff or an abundance, better to create a job than to leave anyone out.  Our VBS usually runs five days but can be tailored to fit your church needs.

What follows is a normal puppet VBS schedule:

1.  Opening Assembly with puppet skit, story time, and object lesson
2.  Themed craft.
3.  Worship time filled with new songs to be performed on the last night of VBS.
4.  Some themed, some silly, and some outlandish recreation.
5.  Closing assembly with a short puppet skit.
6.  Snack (Always give them the sugar last)

Most activities last between 20 and 30 minutes based on a two hour schedule.  We recommend  staying within the 6:30 to 8:30 pm time period.